Spa Boy Blu - Massage & Esthetic Services for Men
     MANSCAPING (male grooming)
* Manscaping is the all-encompassing modern day slang for Male Grooming/Hair Removal.I use CLIPPERS, in combination with the use of DISPOSABLE RAZORS, to groom any area of your body that you prefer hairless or reduced in length for a more well tended and natural look. This service can be done wet or dry.($5 add on to any area with clipper shave for close crop shaving smoothness with razor and cream)
Full Legs ($50)
Chest ($50)
Back ($50)
Arms ($35)

Just the Butt (or Just Up Front Trimming) ($55) 

Classic Manscaping
(Full Body Trimming from neck to toes to bring out the natural contours of your body. This is a painless procedure that creates a leaner, tighter appearance.) ($120)

The Adonis (Full Body Trimming from neck to toes INCLUDING Shaving Private Ryan and The Butt.)($160)  

The Million Dollar Man(Full Body Trimming from neck to toes including a Brazilian waxing) ($180)

The Split Decision(Waxing of your bum, crack & perineum and trimming of your frontal pubic region.) ($95)

Crazy Hairy Sides
(not a back not a chest or belly)($25 to $35) 
Sometimes your hairy back runs off to your sides, almost to your chest or belly; and sometimes your hairy chest or belly runs off to your back. It takes more time and product to do the service, and time more product is money.
This is only added to any back, chest or abs waxing, service when it looks like your hair runneth over!
*$85-Ingrown Hair Treatment(plus$15 for each additional area) This service takes care of In-Grown hair irritation and pimples caused by waxing or shaving
     There is an added fee for Out-Call services (home, office or hotel.) $30 within Austin city limits and to $45 Westlake and Bee Caves area; $50 to Buda, Kyle, Cedar Park, Leander, Round Rock, Pflugerville; $55 to Lake Travis/Lakeway Lago Vista; $65 to Elgin. Past Elgin$65 plus $1 each additional mile.

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